April 17, 2015

Postcards from Cochem

And that right there is Germany as I know it best: half-timbered houses and colorful facades lining a river and endless vineyards on a hill topped off with a castle. A castle that is 900 years old, in the case of Cochem. 

I have been in Cochem before, a couple of years ago, but didn't really write about it on the blog. This time, I also don't have much to say. It was a cloudy and rainy day and we spent most of it hanging out in a cafe and looking for a supermarket. Basic needs, people! We had Schwarzwalder kirsch and bratwurst (without the sauerkraut for me), spent some time wandering around and then just sat by the river doing nothing for a while. As a result:I don't have a lot of photos to share. I edited the prettiest ones and the ones with Cochems landmarks and hope you like them! 

As from next week I'll return to my normal posting schedule again and try to get a post up twice a week. 

I'm wishing you all a lovely sunny weekend! 

April 15, 2015

In Bloom (with Mijn Wonderkamer)

25°C, are you guys ready for this!? I know I am thanks to Mijn Wonderkamer. Those of you who guessed I kept the striped dress from my collaboration obviously won. This two-layered dress with golden straps is simply perfect for summer and I couldn't resist. Even if I really wanted that blue playsuit to wear to the formal dance I'm attending next week. I added last years snake-print sandals and my over-sized bucket bag from H&M and wore gold jewelry to finish off the outfit. My hair is still long in these photos, but as I gave away on Instagram: it's all gone now.

I have been wanting to shoot in this street for literally 5 years now and finally managed to be there at the right time. My friend Kristien was the photographer of service and will be rewarded with a good cup of coffee as soon as our classes start again. She did an awesome job at capturing the blossoms above my head and I'm so grateful that she wanted to help me out! 

All I have left to say is that I'm about to leave to go shopping for my birthday outfit and try to find a costume for my brother's prom which is on the 24th. All the kid knows is that he wants a bow tie. All I know is that this is going to be a nightmare! My 'baby bro' is more picky than I am and I almost can't live with myself when I go shopping. So... Let's cross those fingers!

Enjoy the sunshine and don't forget your ice cream, uh, sunscreen.

dress: Sophyline via Mijn Wonderkamer (c/o) • bucket bag: H&M • sandals: Tamaris • Ring: Louche • Earrings: Oasis

April 13, 2015

Easter in Ediger-Eller

We were in Ediger-Eller (Germany) the weekend before Easter and the town was in full preparation for the Easter celebration. Young and old was out and about, cleaning and overall preparing for the 2015 tourist season to begin. Ediger-Eller is a small town in the Mosel Valley, not too far from Cochem and Koblenz, that has a history going back to before the year 1000. The town is a true beauty, with the wood-work houses being my favorite object to photograph. The old tractors parked in every corner and the Easter eggs spread out in every tree made for good in-between shots. My photographer heart was happy! The early signs of Spring made me forget about the thick clouds for a moment. We didn't stay very long and just aimlessly wandered around until we had walked past every wine distillery and every vineyard on every hill side twice. Afterwards we drove a little further down the Mosel river to visit Cochem, which I'll be writing about next!

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. Mine was rather relaxed and on Sunday I hosted a BBQ to celebrate my birthday (which has not yet been). We ended with ice cream, for which we drove two towns over in a caravan of cars because only one of us knew the secret to the best ice cream in the region. It was so good! For all my fellow Kempenaren: Ijswens in Corsendonk (Oud-Turnhout) is the place to be.

Just like last week, I'll be posting three times this week! I'm catching up on my back log, so that I can start writing about new and exciting things next week. I hope you guys enjoy what Ediger-Eller has to offer, and I'll be sharing an outfit of last week (#OOLW ?) with you on Wednesday! Sneak peek here.

April 10, 2015

Opening & Other Stories Ghent

The & Other Stories store in Ghent has been open for a few weeks now, but I still wanted to share about the opening night with you. A short train ride took Inez and me from Antwerp to Ghent, where we arrived a little early so we could go for "dinner" first. Dinner being at McDonalds - so classy - to save some €€€ on food to spend on clothes later. That's how we roll. I made her walk to the Glaslei with me just for Instagram purposes and then we met up with Naomi and Marlies to discover the world of & Other Stories.

& Other Stories is a fashion brand that wants to help women tell their own story through their personal style. The collection includes everything you need to create a new outfit, from head to toe. My eye fell on a beautiful fresh green zip pencil skirt and the Clare Vivier co-lab. The perforated leather shoulderbag drew most of my attention. Naomi and I also had some fun testing the beauty products and I still regret not brining the Floral Momento body scrub and lotion home. My dry winter skin could use some love! Eventually I left the store empty handed, because I kind of sort of spend way to much on new sportswear earlier that week, but it was hard to control myself. My birthday is coming up though... .

At the end of the evening the photographer made me pose about ten times with the hundreds of balloons and then the girls and I made our way back to the station where we arrived two minutes after our train had left. Just perfect. We sought and found comfort in Starbucks and eventually arrived home an hour late, but very, very satisfied. 

Thanks for another great party PURE!

April 8, 2015

From Ted To Toe

It has been 11 weeks since I premiered this dress on Instagram and finally I got around shooting it. A lot of you were excited to see it in its full glory and I am excited to finally be able to show it off. I fell in love with this neoprene number in Dublin and finally scored it online at -60% off on boxing day. S to the core! When it first arrived I thought I'd be too prude to wear a dress with a snakeskin print and a short skirt, but I've found myself looking for excuses to wear it. The necklace collar and shiny neoprene fabric make this dress less appropriate for everyday life, but ideal for a night out or a blog event. Because I do find the dress too short to wear without opaque tights, I'm a little sad knowing that today will probably have been the last day I wore it until fall.

There's something else noteworthy about these photos: sunshine! The sun finally came out and it is promising to be the prettiest week of 2015 so far. I couldn't be more happy to ditch my winter coat, scarves and sweaters. I've literally worn most of my winter clothes to pieces and have planned to rummage through my closet next week. It'll be good to clear some space for new summer things such as the Rebecca Minkoff I'm eyeing or all the lovely things I'm undoubtedly going to spot during the upcoming Press Days. Also, my birthday is later this month so it's the perfect time to make a wish list!

I hope you guys all recovered well from the infamous Easter chocolate food coma. 

Talk to you soon!

- A

(sorry, really couldn't resist a #PLL joke at the end)

dress: Ted Baker • clutch: Essentiel (c/o) • Earrings: Next UK • heels: Boo!

April 6, 2015

Edinburgh: Sightseeing, Edinburgh Castle and Arthurs Seat

Spring break is here and after a mean deadline on Friday I decided to give myself a day off this weekend to work on all the blog post I never got around to posting. First up is the last bit about Edinburgh. Gosh I miss Scotland! I've always had it big for the countries overseas, but I never thought I'd fall so hard again after London. Edinburgh now holds a special place in my heart and we will return. But what else could you expect from a city that has everything I live for: friendly people, good food, coffee bars, a rich history, nature, a botanical and department stores with the best home departments ever.

March 25, 2015

Shopping in Antwerp: Mijn Wonderkamer

Last week my friend Julie and I set sail to Kammenstraat 70 for an adventure that made us both nervous and excited. The week before, I received an email from storeowner Lente, who has recently opened her store Mijn Wonderkamer (My room of wonders) at it's new location, to invite me into her world of wonders. I was feeling brave so I said yes and Julie, bitten by the same adventure-bug as I, immediately jumped to the chance too. The big day came. We only had a rough idea, no concrete plan of action and very limited time to complete our task, but on our quest we went and this is what we found!

Calling itself the first guerilla store in the city, the concept of Mijn Wonderkamer is simple as it is genius: every piece is stocked in limited quantity, meaning that what you buy will be relatively unique. On top of that Lente aims to stock new-to-you quality brands at high street prices. You'll pay somewhere between €20 for a top and €80 for a coat. Fair enough!

The shop floor is huge and filled with a very versatile collection spread out of three different rooms. For fun, my friend Julie helped me pick out three outfits and we chose spots inside the store to shoot them. These photos only show items that fit my personal style and that I personally loved, but know that there are quite some edgy pieces, party dresses, sweaters and a men's collection to be found at Mijn Wonderkamer too. I believe everyone can find something after their own heart in this store and that's where I think lies its most important strength. After we wrapped up our shoot Lente was kind enough to let me pick out one item as a souvenir for our collaboration. Care to take a guess at what item won my heart?

Outfit 1: navy jumpsuit

Outfit 2: ivory striped dress with layers and gold straps

Outfit 3: loose fitting pants and tank top

I hope you liked reading this post as much as I liked creating it. Lente gave me the freedom to try out this new post concept and  I would love to get feedback from you! I've also placed a few more photos that I didn't want to keep from you after the fold. 

Mijn Wonderkamer
Kammenstraat 70
2000 Antwerp